Biden’s Warsaw Minion Echoes 4th Reich Ranter!

For my part, I regret Polish President Duda’s decision to veto the media reform law. He ought to have recalled the bitter anguish –

Thanks, Pinko Guardian, For An Inspirational Headline…BUT! 

– of Poland’s enemies when he was elected, and shrugged off their whines.

Anything that can be done to stop externally funded or directed leftist propaganda broadcasting should be welcomed, in any country.

However, it’s up to the Poles to sort it out.
It’s not up to foreign diplomats to stick their noses in, like the uppity tyke Bix Aliu.

The name’s Albanian, if anybody’s curious!

He’s the USA Chargé d’affaires in Poland, who ‘tweeted his thanks to Mr Duda and praised him for “his leadership and commitment to common democratic values and for protecting the investment climate in Poland”.

What the Hell does this Biden flunkey know about values, serving a semi-senile dolt who every day…

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…it seems, devalues the common decencies that Americans once shared with Poles.

“Together, the allies are stronger,” Aliu said…



…as if sticky-beaking builds sturdier bonds..

But Big-Nose Bix is a mere cipher, e choing a similar arrogant intrusion from a State Department bureaucrat named Ned Price, who had already warned the Polish Government ‘to think carefully before moving forward with a law that could “erode foreign investors’ confidence in their property rights and the sanctity of contracts in Poland…”

And which foreign country does the leftist broadcaster get money from?

…the US-based Discovery group would have had to sell its stake in the news network, TVN24….whose reporters have often been critical of the conservative government.

Aaah, yes, impartial reporting…

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…just like the BBC?

Of course that far-left Euro-Commissar Jourova…

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…has been yelping on behalf of the ‘Hate Poland’ common cause, having ‘pledged that the bloc would take action against any law that failed to comply with EU law.’

But it’s all the more unpleasant to see the Stars and Stripes flying in harmony…



…with the Fourth Reich’s foul banner.