And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God?

That oath – so familiar to every Brit, and quite possibly to everyone…



…whose country’s jurisprudence derives from Common Law as known in the UK – is now being rendered worthless…



…by appeasement asses known as the Judicial College!’

The UK legal system has declared total surrender in regard to telling the truth in court.


It should be possible to respect a person’s gender identity and their present name for nearly all court and tribunal purposes, regardless of whether they have obtained legal recognition of their gender by way of a Gender Recognition Certificate.”.

So not only is truth to be jettisoned…



…but even legality is to be immaterial?


The new advice is contained in the “equal treatment benchbook”, a 540-page guide from the Judicial College, which is responsible for training judges in county, crown and higher courts in England and Wales. The guidance, however, is also used by sitting judges.

And get a load of the excuse offered by this woko-weasel woman…

See the source image

‘Lady Justice King’


…a Dame of the British Empire, no less, but more alarmingly, a British appeal court judge, who chairs that ‘college…’

….and hails the cr-p quoted above as a “living document, constantly updated and amended to reflect changing circumstances and to incorporate the most up-to-date knowledge.”


‘Science,’ as a word, has a meaning – ‘knowledge,’ and biology, anatomy, two branches of science, make it easy even for a simpleton to grasp a truth…



…that knowledge of a person’s body parts confirms instantly if the person is a man or a woman.

This hard-faced Dame King made headlines a while ago, with another shocking judgement on another issue of good v evil.

So let’s not be too shaken by her readiness to discard reason and science in the administration of British justice.