Can The P-Word Harm Kids?

Since none of us who habitually used the P-Word…

Cricket Whiner ‘Creepy?’ A Cover-Up? 

…to describe our destination when we told friends or family we were nipping round to the P-Word shop to buy fags…

( NB not sexual maladjusts!)

…ever used the term in any malevolent way….



…my headline is purely a reminder of the nonsense spread by the Cricket Whiner.

But this article ( in the Guardian, inevitably) on a study ‘about on-screen depictions of racist language and behaviour’ in films shown in UK cinemas?

To be fair, the author of the Guardian piece takes a rational view, deeming the putative cendorship, viz.

‘...films containing the N-word will automatically receive a 12 rating unless there are significant mitigating circumstances; where, for example, “historical racist language” is deemed to be appropriately contextualised.’

…as unacceptably ‘paternalistic,’ what bothers me is that such wokish plans,  obsessing about the ‘N-Word,’ or presumably the ‘P-Word…’.



(but not ‘racist’ words like Cracker or Honky?) 

…and rearranging what ordinary people, in this case young people, may see/hear when they’re enjoying a popular form of entertainment, are being plotted so very quietly.

How many British people even know that this kind of racialised censorship has been under discussion by the in-crowd?