Kew Very Much, Policy Exchange!

We wrote a while ago about the erstwhile BBC berk who somehow got control over the perfectly acceptable Kew Gardens….

….botanical gardens are – wait for it-


‘Inextricably Linked To Empire! ‘

Will Bojo Guard Gardens Against Ex-BBC Left Hack? 

…..and is desperately kow-towing to the racist BLM by politicising public property, while inevitably, the Jellyfish Johnson regime looks on…


…as much good as a spare platypus at an aardvark’s wedding.

But now we learn that some people care enough – more than the gutless Tories, at least, and are putting up a fight.

I honestly know little about Policy Exchange, but here’s their information and a contact link –

– so why not at least email them with a word or two of support?


Policy Exchange | Shaping the Policy Agenda