Guardian Re-Defines ‘Peaceful Protest’

From my teen years onwards, I found myself involved in peaceful protests.

They included orderly marches…

( incl. pro-Free Czechoslovakia and…



….along routes agreed with the local constabulary, demos, including one at Trafalgar Square..


(pro-Rhodesia’s Ian Smith)


…and rallies, often at the end of the aforementioned marches!

( e.g. pro-Solidarnoscz!)

None of the participants set out to break the law or make trouble for anyone – although a few uninvited reds did try to harass the Powell and Rhodesia manifestations.

Compare and contrast….

…with the anti-social trouble-makers defined by the Guardian as ‘peaceful environmental protesters!’

These Xtinko and Insuloid scum have deliberately embarked on lawless hooligan loutery…

…calculated to make life miserable for honest folk, blocking roads to obstruct workers’ right to get to work…


…and, even more criminally irresponsible, climbing on top of an aeroplane….

Those particular offences are mentioned by the journo-jerks, though they omit the scumbag assault on press freedom

X-Stinkos, Now ‘Animals?’ Break These Blockade Bullies! 

Slap on the wrist’ judgment sends the wrong message, say critics of the activists who used blockade in attempt to stifle press freedom..

Good people with good intentions hold peaceful protests.

Xtinkos/Insulos Wage War On Law-Abiding Fellow-Citizens!