Never Trust Those Robed ECJ Rogues

As the year drew to a close the threat was in a waning phase and the government was also signalling that the role of the ECJ was not the deal breaker Lord Frost once suggested.


It is of course the paramount principle, that no part of Her Majesty’s realm be subjected to alien rule..



…that makes the surrender alluded to above so completely unacceptable.

But what we have seen of the ECJ’s rulings on issues within the Brussels Empire should fortify an unyielding stance.

  • I refer to the robed rogues’s servile compliance with Ursula’s arrogant over-reach…

  • .

  • …that a member-state’s EVERY governmental responsibility be subject to Fourth Reich meddling, even those which were, from the start, reserved to national competence, on the specious argument that EUSSR ‘values’ are involved.

We have looked at that before and it’s clear that the Fourth Reich has no right to interfere.

But the ECJ, by judicial fiat, ignores the rules when it makes rulings.

Here, below, is what we wrote just a few months ago.

ECJ Goes Rogue – Poland Must Prevail! 

Even the official EU Law website admits that

It should be noted that the primacy of EU law only applies where EU countries have ceded sovereignty to the EU — fields such as the single market, environment, transport, etc. However, it does not apply in areas such as social policy and taxation

AND each nation’s judiciary.

So how does the Fourth Reich get around that restriction on its power to bully the brave Poles?




The ECJ, the top court, stacked with Europhiliac legalice, can interpret any law, arbitrate any dispute, as it sees fit.

Because its lousy, unprincipled judges..



…will do the bidding of the Euro-Commissars to ensure their will be done.

They know they have no legal right, no power, to interfere in the judiciary…

….so they grant themselves that right, invoking ‘values,’ a concept mentioned in EU treaties…

…but made a bad joke by the arrogant betrayal of the values held dear by most citizens of most countries.

Don’t shrug, Brits, imagining you are safe thanks to Brexit.

That ECJ is precisely the ‘Impartial’ referee to whom Bojo handed authority to interfere in British Ulster.