Help Our Pals Across The Pond!

The good guys in the USA (and the good gals too!) are really up against it…



…as Back-Stab Biden’s fed flunkeys scramble to cover up the role of Ray Epps in the Jan 6 Affair!

Who Is Ray Epps? DOJ Won’t Say
When Cruz asked whether Epps worked with the FBI, Sanborn declined to answer—likewise for when Cruz asked about whether federal informants participated in the riots, encouraged the riots, or removed barriers
Who Is Ray Epps? DOJ Won’t Say
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We friends of those fighting for answers from the Deep State – on the true nature of Epps’ actions, and why – on the sly- his name’s been air-brushed from the Wanted list…

…should have their backs, if only as a matter of self-interest – because never let it be said…

It Can’t Happen Here!

Email your local American diplomatic outpost and ask why Biden’s gang, so ready to bleat about other countries’ alleged short-comings…

Biden’s Warsaw Minion Echoes 4th Reich Ranter!

..are so unforthcoming themselves!