Is ‘Jodie Homer’ Real? Some Parent, That One!

When we discuss schools in the current Woko-Weasel Era, my calls for parent power…

….are repetitive, given the threat from evil teachers.

Imagine, then, my angst ( we’ll come back to that odd word later today!) when an eminently GOOD teacher, who wants MORE parental involvement…

….is assailed by a Twitter Turd for suggesting that parents devote a little bit of time and interest to that which any decent mum or dad should be doing.

Jodie Homer argued: “This woman is a t***. Kids don’t need to come home from school and learn more,

“And what time are parents supposed to have for this s***? #thismorning.

What a foul-mouthed slob that ‘Jodie Homer’ must be!

Her moronic verbal self-portrait conjures up an image of a slovenly, fat-headed female (?) fat-ass…


…fag hanging from her foul mouth, kiddies parked in front of the tv, imbibing the latest stupid ‘soap’ to which ‘Jodie the Jerk’ is addicted…



…maybe East Enders, which was awful when I last visited the UK years ago, but these days…

EastEnders spoilers: Horror far right racism attack confirmed by boss

…has apparently, wokishly, deteriorated.

Then, unwilling to accept that ‘Jodie Homer’ is actually a parent, it crossed my mind that possibly it’s an ‘activist’ with one of those God-Awful far-left ‘teacher’ unions…


….who abhor parental obstruction of their brainwash activities.

Alas, J-t-J is not alone in the IPC (irresponsible parenting campaign!)

For the media reports include another asinine Twitter Turd, ‘Sue…’

…demanding to know if the lady who spoke so wisely in the ITV talk-show can possibly..

‘…think parents are sitting on their a**** all day #thismorning.”

 Obviously, if ‘Sue‘ too is actually a parent, then she is proof that such an allegation is unjust…



…because how can you simultaneously sit on something and talk through it?