Why Was The Dirty Lying Savage Still In UK?

Al Swealmeen had been in prison in the Middle East for a serious assault on another person, as well as being in trouble in Liverpool previously for possession of an offensive weapon, the inquest heard.



Al Swealmeen came to the country legally in May 2014 with a Jordanian passport and UK visa, the inquest heard.’

“Shortly after his arrival he claimed, it is believed falsely, that he was of Syrian heritage and claimed asylum as a refugee from that country.”
He said that claim and all subsequent claims for asylum were refused, with the latest refusal in November 2020.




.. there had been reports Al Swealmeen had rejected Islam and converted to Christianity.



Det Ch Insp Meeks agreed with the coroner that he might have converted to strengthen his asylum claim.

The inquest heard a Koran and prayer mat were found when police searched his premises.

Heads should roll in Whitehall!

If this sly slug got his marching orders in November 2020, he should have been removed from the UK by Christmas that year.

Whoever failed to implement the decision to kick the ratbag out should be fired.