BBC – The Fourth Reich Fan Club!

Excellent article by Peter Bone MP this week, in which the  need for a state broadcaster in democracies is succinctly demolished…

He’s a good bloke, as noted last year.


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Peter Bone MP

Theresa The Traitrix’s Snickering Face Told All! 


But the most telling paragraph is that which presents the results of research by Civitas…



Despite the majority voting for Brexit in 2016, a 2018 Civitas report on BBC output the following year revealed speaker ratios on the BBC, as high as 5:1, in favour of Remain…


Mr. Bone states clearly that the ‘first public purpose of the BBC Charter is “to provide impartial news.” ‘

And who could possibly challenge his conclusion, viz..

When the corporation is manifestly failing in this task, viewers should have the option to switch off and to take their financial contributions with them.