Say Her Name! Ashli! Her Killer’s “Skimpy” File?

Ashli Babbitt.

Never forget her! Ashli Babbitt!


Absolutely stunning, and again, much of the media are engaged in a cover-up of this revelation, including, of course, as is usual…

Is BBC Colluding In USA Cover-Up? 

….the BBC.


Were the victim of that DC cop, Byrd, an anti-social undesirable, say Floyd or his soul-mates…

… like Garner….

Gonna Make You Think He Was A Criminal! Oh, Yeah?’ 

…and Blake…

Blake was a suspect in a felony sexual assault case who was shot by police while resisting arrest, according to police.’

…and of course ‘Rayshard…’

BBC Actually MENTIONED The Martyr’s Criminal Record Last Night!

…the rotten media would be all over it.

But to be perfectly candid, much of the media rat-pack are moral slugs on a level with the Antifa Red Nazis…

…who see not much wrong with violence done to patriots. Read the whole sick story of how Byrd fluttered past incomplete investigation.

// In fact, investigators cleared Byrd of wrongdoing in the shooting without actually interviewing him about the shooting or threatening him with punishment if he did not cooperate with their criminal investigation. //

“He didn’t provide any statement to [criminal] investigators and they didn’t push him to make a statement,” Babbitt family attorney Terry Roberts said in an RCI interview.

Byrd, the cop who shot and killed an unarmed patriot!


Asked about it, a D.C. MPD spokeswoman confirmed that Byrd did not cooperate with internal affairs agents or FBI agents, who jointly investigated what was one of the most high-profile officer-involved shooting cases in U.S. history.


Decent media should follow this Byrd wherever he goes on whatever policing duties he does – if he’s allowed to do any.

Since he won’t cooperate in enquiries into a shooting death in which he pulled the trigger, he needs to be watched every minute he is permitted to carry a gun.