“Among The Nonentities…”

One major question crops up when we see this, below, in The Independent.

Nish Kumar and Armando Iannucci criticise Tories’ plans to scrap BBC licence fee: ‘P***ed-up cultural vandals’


The newspaper describes these clearly articulate, well-spoken persons as –

among the celebrities‘ to criticise the plans…

But are they not better described as nonentities!

Have you ever heard of them!?!



Perhaps they are known only to UK Pravda’s aficionados!

Yet fear not!

No doubt the BBC will have them on as guest ‘experts’ soon enough.

Same goes for this obscure but mouthy bint.

‘For those kicking the BBC right now… you will miss it when its gone,’ wrote Deborah Meaden…

Who the Hell is She?

PS –

Yes, I know I could look them up on Google, but having to do that surely would confirm that not one of the three ‘celebrities’ is well known, which is the qualification for ‘celebrity’ status, yes?