Even In Jakarta, 'Rights' Prattle Audible!


Indonesia’s National Human Rights Commission,  Komnas HAM, understands that if that Islamic boarding school ‘teacher, Herry Wirawan…’

…gets convicted, punishment should be severe.

That’s nice to know!

But then HAM Commissioner Beka Ulung Hapsara rather spoils his reaction to the depravity, the sheer depth of evil, involved in the crimes…



…of which the man may be convicted, by trotting out the kind of tripe we usually hear from the likes of Shamnesty…

…that the sensible penalties under discussion….


.’death or castration.. ‘


.. ( hopefully the latter inflicted prior to the former!)

.. are unacceptable, ‘because this type of punishment is contrary to human rights!’

Oh, for God’s Sake!

Human rights by whose definition? Please don’t quote any UN Declarations on the subject, because the UN…

UN’s ‘Rights’ Rats, Hand In Glove With Adolf? 

‘..the Human Rights Council was giving China the names of Uighur dissidents.’

….by its own base conduct, has devalued those words, below level zero!


The problem with capital punishment in Indonesia is that there’s not enough of it!

There’s not been a single jihadist swine executed since the Bali Pigs, over 15 years ago.


Bali Bombing Pigs


Sure, the anti-terror unit Densus88 takes out a few every so often, and good work that is…

…but a far better indication of a healthy society is how many terrorists…

…it puts up against a wall each year.

Western countries, apart from the USA, have a dismal record, even seeking to promote……

…their own indifference to the victims of bestial sectarian atrocities by neo-colonial nagging in Indonesia!

Of course any found guilty of raping and impregnating schoolgirls should forfeit any claim to ‘human rights!’

Same goes for terrorists!