For USA Readers – Block Back-Stab Biden’s SPLC Far-Leftist!

There can be few more malevolent outfits in the USA than the SPLC.

Anyone connected to the far-left smear machine should be regarded as anathema.

READ on, please.

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President Joe Biden has nominated Nancy Abudu, a radical, political activist employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, to serve on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Abudu currently serves as the strategic litigation director for SPLC.

Take action now: Contact your senators and tell them to oppose the nomination of Nancy Abudu.

The SPLC is the well from which the American left draws to ‘prove’ that groups or people they disagree with politically are hateful.

The people who write checks to the SPLC are the same people who believe that conservative Christians are what is wrong with America today.

Using distortion and quotes out of context, the SPLC loves to scare Hollywood and other liberals into thinking that KKK-style hatred is on the rise again, and the SPLC must keep this from happening.

Evidently, the fear-mongering works: the SPLC, a 501(c)3 ‘non-profit,’ has raised over $500 million, much of it sitting in offshore bank accounts.

Abudu’s previous legal advocacy for SPLC strongly indicates she will exercise unconstitutional and liberal ideology on the federal bench.

The result could be the destruction of religious liberty and the rights of Christians across the country. Abudu’s work for such a radical organization shows how unsuitable she is for the federal bench.

The Senate must stop her nomination. Contact your senators and tell them to oppose the nomination of Nancy Abudu.