Royal Navy V Fake ‘Refugees?’ Pull The Other One!

Military set to tackle Channel migrant crisis as Priti Patel orders ‘pushback’ of boats to France

Er, no, not quite, Priti!

Attention, Dear readers!

Please note the second word in this next paragraph of theTelegraph story.

Navy COULD step in to stem surge of illegal crossings in key part of Boris Johnson’s ‘Operation Red Meat’ fightback.. 

(My capitals!)

Skip the ‘Red Meat’ mush – another Bojo con-trick!.

HMS Andromeda, 1970 (IWM).jpg

The Good Old Days!

It’s been several months since the collabo curs in the absurdly named ‘Border Force’ civil service union declared their disloyalty,

More Proof! Enemy Within = Pro-Crimmigrant Unions! 

Sack ‘Em If They Turn Traitor! 

…a shrew from the Immigration Services Union (ISU), ‘which represents borders staff’ snarling that….

‘the rules on “pushing back” migrant boats were “rightly” very strict and, as a result, it was “highly unlikely that any attempt to turn a boat back will ever be made…’

So Priti has had 6 months, to digest that unpalatable truth, as well as the evidence of her own eyes and ears, the bold maritime defenders cravenly aiding and abetting the illegal aliens…

Bravo, Guido! Parasite Pasture Less Lush! 

. ..the Home Office had spent almost £21,000 on luxury Domino’s pizzas for migrants arriving in Dover, despite a local pizza takeaway offering two margaritas for 76% less.

Priti Pampers Parasites! What, No Dessert? 

…and her land-based Home Office flunkeys lavishing tax-payers’ money on the lawless undesirables.



Between the BF and the RNLI, more crimmigrant wannabe benefit bludgers have been brought ashore than have been made to return to the perfectly safe country the fake ‘refugees’ fled.

And only now do we hear that ‘the military is to be put in charge of stemming the surge in illegal migrants crossing..?

Even if it happens, count on Jellyfish Johnson’s Woko-Tory regime…


….to impose ‘rules of engagement’ that will undermine the push-back mission.