Will Gordon Brown Condemn Prof Smear-Berk?


Palmer’s another self-important toad most of us never previously heard of!

In contrast, I have heard of Iain McWhirter, who once held the largely ceremonial title of university rector.

He’s a Scot, and a leftist ex-BBC hack – but has enough basic decency….

Iain Macwhirter, the former rector of the University of Edinburgh, has criticised its principal, Peter Mathieson, for not challenging the accusations
Iain Macwhirter
. …..

….to tell the gutless EU principal, Peter Matheson, to resign if he won’t speak up on behalf of the two “vilified” victims.

Macwhirter said Peter Mathieson had stood by while “baseless accusations of racism” were made against members of staff by the “individual supposedly conducting an unbiased review of Edinburgh’s racist history”.

Why anybody thought Palmer was qualified to run such a review is baffling.

But then so is the whole idea of such a review – who outside the woko-loco in-crowd gives a tinker’s cuss about Edinburgh’s ‘links with the slave trade?’

Well, I looked the berk up, and he’s a professor, got a knighthood in 2014 ‘for services to human rights, science and charity,’ AND he has served as Jamaica’s first Honorary Consul in Scotland!

Rights?’ ‘Charity?’.

To refresh your insights into Palmer’s witch-hunt mentality, he described Jonathan Hearn, professor of political and historical sociology, as a member of “an academic racist gang..”.

That from the berk who got a knighthood for ‘charity?



Charitable words, yeah?


Hearn had questioned the content of a new sign under a monument to lawyer and politician Sir Henry Dundas, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/edinburgh-university-boss-urged-to-defend-academics-in-race-review-row-


Palmer’s enthusiasm for rights seems not to extend to respecting other people’s right to hold a point of view differing from his own.

Oh, yeah, Gordon Brown?


Just that he too is a former Edinburgh University rector.

So I was curious.

Will he speak up?