‘No Threat?’ So Claire Forgot Her Migrant’s Arson?

Fury over Home Office job advert that calls migrants a ‘threat’ amid refugee crisis – Mirror Online


Knowing what most Brits by now DO know, that the Calais crimmigrants can be dangerous not only to each other…

How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape?

Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks



…and to civilised people near them..

..but – possibly more so – to the men, women and children of the England they gate-crash…

Why Was The Dirty Lying Savage Still In UK? 


 Grmay, a filthy savage indeed!
Parsons Green terrorist Ahmed Hassan…
 Ahmed Hassan denied he had attempted to kill anyone but said he had made the bomb
….He posed as a 16-year-old before setting off a bomb on a Tube train in west London in 2017, injuring 23 people

.. it seems odd, to put it mildly, that anyone should object to the horde being described as a ‘threat.’

But who should pop up but that star of the tabloids, Clare Moseley!

The founder of a charity…

Charity Commission opens statutory inquiry into Care 4 Calais
5 Aug 2021 — At the time Moseley declined to comment on the claims

– which has recently attracted unfavourable media interest..Care4Calais..


… stormed: “It is deeply offensive the Government thinks of people crossing as a ‘threat’, after the tragic deaths in the Channel.


What gibberish!

Those illegals were the authors of their own misfortune – they were in a perfectly safe country but boarded ill&suited vessels, motivated purely by greed for the UK welfare trough.

But this, remember, is Claire Moseley, who is forever prattling self-righteously, and ought to be well aware of the dangers of allowing crimmigrants to get too close.

Charity of married boss who romped with toyboy migrant in Calais Jungle ‘suspends operations after refugee lover tried to burn down HQ’            The Sun, July 1, 2017.

The sad shrew just won’t shut up, despite her personal knowledge of a serious arson case!

Crazy Clare – Still Lying Boldly for Calais Crimmigrants! 


She had boasted publicly of her charity’s zero-tolerance policy on sex with migrants, while shacking up with Bajjar



Lying Moseley’s Quintessential Inhumanity 

She has featured here often, and deserves harsh criticism.

Feel free to offer it! clare@care4calais.org