C’mon, Syrian Defence Forces! Wipe ‘Em Out!

Islamic State group members – and their wives – have predicted for years exactly this scenario. A mass prison break in Syria.


Good to note that at least 120 acolytes of the ISIS rape-gang have been killed, according to the Syrian Defence Forces.

But let’s hope the good guys – Kurds, apparently – learn a lesson from this episode.

In a prison interview with British jihadists, El Shafee ElSheikh and Alexanda Kotey, members of the so-called Beatles, the two men fantasised about being released from jail by a rubbish truck filled with explosives….British and other European jihadists were held in this prison.

Those ‘Beatle’ scum were protected by the UK Tory government…

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…which made sure they weren’t at risk of execution.

Truth is, such sectarian vermin still detained are beyond redemption, or they would have, by now, come forward, eager openly to denounce the ‘Caliphate’ and its poisonous ideology.



The risk of them escaping to resume their evil activities is altogether too great.

So, as accomplices of a terrorist movement, let them be put down…

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…no nonsense about ‘repatriation…’

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…as we have advised already, more than once.

And, abiding by the trendy addiction to ‘inclusivity,’ let’s not be sexist or racist.

A white jihadist is as morally base as a non-white.

A female jihadist is as morally base as a male.

Put them all up against a wall!