BBC Proud Of Its Woke Censoring!

Confronted with carefully researched evidence that UK Pravda has been censoring episodes of tv shows screened back when BBC was somewhat more watchable….

….a sadly unidentified ‘spokesman for the BBC confirmed to The Times that:

“We edit some episodes so they’re suitable for broadcast today, including removing racially offensive language and stereotypes from decades ago, as the vast majority of our audience would expect.”


Arrogant left elitist SOB!


Name the condescending cur!



To whom?

Their bias…



…their smug tone, their uppity chipmunk…

..sniggering at the flag, their omissions and /or suppressions, their ‘guests…’Linda Tirado –BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist..whose leftism they hide…




…their indifferent brush-off of complainants, are offensive to millions.


The vast majority of our audience’


Since when did UK Pravda EVER ask the people, whose coerced license fees keep their funds flowing, what ‘stereotypes’ they would expect to be removed?

How dare they pretend to know what we ‘would expect?’

We DO expect The Coven, male and female, to continue foisting their ‘values’ on us, regardless of protests.