Name The Science Museum Political Commissar!

Who owns the Science Museum?

Last year, we had to look at what goes on there..

UK Science ‘Boarded Up!’ Appeasing Woko-Weasels! 

.. and now there’s fresh cause for concern!

.Science Museum axes slavery exhibits

Is it run on the basis of scientific history or political correctness?

This question arises after reading about-

 ‘five model boats

that formed part of a series which used an ‘outdated’ interpretative approach first introduced in the 1931 Childrens Gallery at the museum.

It showed the models in an ‘evolutionary’ sequence, moving from ‘primitive’ to more sophisticated designs.

So it’s now naughty to identify primitive levels of development as primitive?


Serious issues, but more fancifully is the boat exhibit a priority, in view of the current coastal invasion by boat-loads of primitives?


It all sounds to me like the diktats of a Political Commissar. .

He or she should be identified, so the public, who pay his or her salary, are empowered, enabled to investigate his or her qualifications…



…to suppress unacceptable interpretations of history, imposing ideological strictures on what should be scientific displays.

Read the whole article in The Spectator. The author has not only done a good job but promised to check next year to see what other politicisation measures have been imposed.