Sinn Fein Bares Its Green Nazi Soul

Books that displeased Hitler were not just banned but burned in Nazi Germany.


Nazi book burning, 1930s


And nearly 90 years on, we get a foretaste of what life would be like if Sinn Fein/IRA took power in British Ulster

Sinn Fein complains to Assembly about UDR book in TUV leader Jim Allister’s study

The outrage from the vermin party at the mere sight of a book on the Ulster Defence Regiment in Jim Allister’s study speaks volumes.

The vermin party MLA, Maolíosa McHugh..

Maolíosa McHugh 2021.jpg


….interrupted proceedings to ask the assembly clerk if he would investigate whether it was permitted for Mr Allister to have the book on display….

TUV’s Jim Allister

The TUV leader’s book was to be seen ‘in the background during a video call with the Stormont Finance Committee,’ and provoked a breathless broadside from the vile disloyal McHugh.

Workplaces should be neutral spaces,” Mr McHugh said yesterday. “Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable in their workplace.”

Exactly how many innocent men and women were made to feel considerably worse than ‘uncomfortable in their workplace‘ – in fact scarred, maimed, crippled and dead -by Sinn Fein/IRA murder-gangs?

Yet this anti-British bigot had the nerve to rant about –

…the role and record of the UDR… violent state-sponsored sectarianism.

– and whine, with that hypocritical, affected self-righteousness, worn like a mask by so many of the traitor-knaves in Ulster..



…Mr Allister’s prominent display of this book during a Committee meeting had the very real potential to cause offense to the many victims of this now disbanded force.”


Apart from the loathesome source of the rant, what is most concerning, to me, is the brute’s animosity to books.

I have deplored the book-burners of Gramedia here in Jakarta…

Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

..and the harassment of a lefty Canadian lesbian authoress….


….so when a disloyal fanatic like McHugh makes it clear that Jim or anyone else should be ordered to keep a book out of sight…

….it’s a straw in the wind.

If Sinn Fein’s Green Nazis ever get the whip-hand, the blue skies of freedom will be replaced by an endless darkness.

 PS last word to Jim!

Mr Allister said that as he was working remotely “frankly the contents of my study are none of his busines”.

He added: “I note, however, that a book which testifies to the bravery of the security forces in facing down the threat of terrorism raises such ire from republicans simply by existing! Sinn Fein/IRA are so intent on whitewashing the shameful bloody record of the Provos that they cannot so much as tolerate Mr Leask’s excellent book… “

“Having blocked a centenary stone, a rose bush for the centenary and a tree being planted for Her Majesty’s Jubilee Republicans now move to try to dictate the content of my study because they are so easily offended…”|