Book Fair Jackboot! Germany’s Latter-Day Nazis!

Only a few days ago, we read about Sinn Fein’s intolerance of books that challenged their bigot brand of modern history…


..and now we see a similar urge  to censor, boiling over in Germany, although it’s not the first time…. German Red Nazi Antifa Echo Hitler, Target Books ….the Frankfurt Book Fair has been the scene of far-left fury directed at freedom, and in 2015, was it, Indonesians were more than vexed about red propaganda being tax-subsidised there….


PKI Belum Mati? Public Funds and Pinko Propaganda! 

…but this latest outbreak of pinko creepery, creeps content to have all manner of liberal, left and far-left volumes on display but incandescently intolerant of anyone on the right side being allowed to enjoy similar rights?

Almost amusing, the way they invoke their need for ‘safe spaces’ as justification for the jackboot.

Read this!

Antifa should decide which publishers are allowed at popular book fair, demands famed German left-wing activist

Red Nazi Antifa needs to be outlawed, as a hate-group…


…and their ‘respectable’ collabos in the German establishment should no longer be regarded as ‘salonfaehig.’

Turn that grinning female jackanapes Ditfurth, in the report above, and all her kind, into political lepers.