Campbell County Libraries – Bestiality Books Coming Soon?

Library director strongly defends book. Says it serves a “perspective of human experience.”

An example of the monstrous people running schools and libraries across the country.

What next, DIY books on bestiality with the family pets?

These creeps on the Library Board need to be thrown out, ASAP.

VIDEO: Library Board rejects appeal by parents. (26 min)

It turns out the leftist library cabal in Gillette, Campbell County, Wyoming…



…is getting jittery, as proven by one of their spokespersons demanding to know if a protesting parent was in touch with Mass Resistance!

A more relevant question is how many of this cabal, these ‘monstrous arrogant people with no moral compass, have been attracted to these institutions?

Parents have recently filed 57 formal “challenges” for removal of 19 particularly horrible books in the children’s and teens’ areas. Every challenge has been rejected by the Library Director and her staff. Two of the books were simply moved to a different shelf within the library.

Get the whole story on the Mass Resistance website:

Wyoming Library Board votes to KEEP pornographic LGBT book for kids – despite presentation by parents of the sickening content.

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