Women’s Safety? Trees Take Priority? Oh My Guardian!

The Guardian headline –

Poland starts building wall through protected forest at Belarus border | Global development | The Guardian

 – indicates the latest theme of the pro-crimmigrant war on the Poles, namely –

– that the Warsaw government’s prudent recognition of the need to make sure Polish women and children are protected against sexual molestation by fake-‘refugees’ ( as has happened in other countries…


They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

….all too often! )

…there will be less protection of the ancient forest!

In fact, the Polish government has addressed this issue satisfactorily, but the attempted environmental outcry does tell us…



…what kind of priorities preoccupy the far-left fans of illegal immigration!

Read it all, if you wish, but one paragraph, almost a footnote, struck me as curious.

Last week Poland’s supreme court condemned the government for preventing reporters from accessing the area. Judges in Warsaw said the ban was incompatible with Polish law and that “there is no justification for admitting that this particular professional group represents a threat to steps taken


Personally, I disagree with the court – much of the media, e.g. the Guardian, and BBC, are rabidly biased, anti-Poland, pro-crimmigrant.

Best keep their misrepresentations to a minimum. 

But that’s for Poland’s people, politicians and courts to sort out. 



But what about the Fourth Reich froth, how the naughty elected government in Poland has screwed the justice system?

ECJ Goes Rogue – Poland Must Prevail!

Yet the Polish high court hammers the Polish government?