Has This Old Bat Ever Met A Cat!

So the founder of PETA has called for a ban on cat-flaps?

Expert calls for cat flaps to be banned unless garden is escape-proof

I’ve had reason to criticise PETA in the past…

Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA


.but had always assumed they knew something about the character of animals!

But my headline today does encapsulate my response to her weird exhortation to cat-owners…

(or should I more correctly say, people who live with cats – ownership does imply a measure of control!)

Keep them at home with views to enjoy, things to play with and your love and attention.”


Views to enjoy?

What next? Put them into hats and coats?

Making a cat sit still and enjoy a view is as realistic as the PETA woman’s proposal to take them for walks on a leash  – like a dog!



I’m sure she has met and kept cats, but only kittens are controllable

Unless you want to make them miserable, you can’t confine an adult.

Cats can, it’s true, be content just observing  – for a while!

But they are notorious for their inquisitive nature and their inborn urge to prowl.

Exactly how one makes one’s garden or yard ‘escape-proof’ against feline agility, curiosity and determination….



…without first changing their very nature?

Well, that’s intriguing!

I like cats precisely for their challenging character…



…but what do you think?