Bloody Hell! Much BBC BS Over ‘Bloody Sunday!’

Uk Pravda’s news bulletins yesterday blared endlessly about so-called ‘Bloody Sunday…’



…that over-blown incident in Londonderry, fifty years ago, when 13 disloyals died.

The worst part was a breathless review by some BBC dolt about how ‘compelling’ some play was, though the excerpts I heard were rather off-putting.

But BBC have never been exactly pro-British…

“…it is not the BBC’s role to boost British troops ‘ morale”, and that “the widow in Portsmouth is no different from the widow of Buenos Aires.. “

…and remember the many voices raised to point out that the ‘widow in Portsmouth’ paid the tv tax that kept the disloyal BBC swine in a job!

If Only The BBC Cared About The Country

…as with their infamous neutrality during the Falklands War.

However, their documentary, last week, wasn’t too bad, by UK Pravda standards.

The most interesting part was their reporter’s interview with the retired judge, Lord Saville…


Lord Saville of Newdigate 2009.jpg=

.Lord Saville


…who ran the second, very costly inquiry, which ended up blaming the good guys – a different outcome from the first inquiry, the Widgery Tribunal…

….but that’s politics, ain’t it?

The Beeber had also interviewed the troops’ commanding officer, who insisted his men had been entirely justified when they opened fire.

The reporter put this to the judge, reminding him that the officer was personally familiar with the scene at the time.

The judge looked pained.

I paraphrase his response, but not unfairly.

‘There were several thousand people there. I had to listen to everyone’

And that makes it very hard to accept the outcome of his lengthy ‘investigation.’

How many of the ‘thousands’ were disloyal to Queen and Country?

I’d say just about all of them.

Loyal Ulster Brits would have steered clear of an illegal parade run by people whose allegiance was to an alien republic.

And who would expect many, or any, participants in such a demonstration to blame anyone but Her Majesty’s good soldiers?

Yet Judge Savile, inexplicably, seems to have done just that.

May God forgive him!