Leftist Steinmeier Gets CDU Support, Against CDU MP!

Germany’s President Steinmeier is sufficiently endowed with far left arrogance to have joined in the global Anti-Trump jihad….



A Very Bad Pick for President – Not Trump, Steinmeier!

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…and his record on other matters speaks loudly to his ideological leftery, on crimmigrants, and on the EUSSR…

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….back when he was Foreign Minister.

So you’d think the CDU party, which, prior to the noisome reign of Mama Stasi Merkel…



…was deemed ‘conservative,’ would baulk at supporting his bid for another presidential term.

But far from it!

Instead of seizing an opportunity to distance themselves from the gruesome Merkel legacy…



…even though there’s a member of their own party running against him, a patriotic CDU man named Max Otte…


Max Otte, centre, with AfD patriot leaders

...the fake-conservatives have responded by suspending Max Otte from the party until further notice.

The CDU establishment are furious because, rather than let the Bundestag in-crowd, the parties in the ruling coalition, shuffle Steinmeyer back into a role he relishes and uses to advance his leftist Weltanschauung…

….the AfD patriot party has nominated Otte.

‘CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak said after the meeting that Otte’s AfD candidacy would “seriously damage” the conservative party and required “immediate intervention.” ‘

Courageously, Otte made it clear that he planned to accept the nomination and that he did not intend to voluntarily give up his CDU membership as the party had demanded.” 


Ziemiak, like Mama Stasi and her acolytes, has stuck obstinately to the childish 2018 CDU resolution to “in no way work together with the AfD!”

Ziemiak might almost have been stamping his little foot as he ranted that “whoever, as a Christian Democrat, accepts a nomination for the office of president from the AfD is violating the values of the CDU and has no place in our party!


‘The Values of the CDU!?!’

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Ask Merkel’s victims what those ‘values’ might be!