A Hitherto Undiscovered ‘Phobia?’

We have had to put up with a lot of rot churned out by the phobia factory in recent years.

”Agoraphobia’  means fear of



‘Arachnophobia’ means fear of spiders.

Those are real words, derived from Ancient Greek.

But then we got the absurd ‘homophobia,’ which, any Classics scholar will tell you, means ‘fear of the same,’ just as ‘homonym’ refers to a word that sounds the same as another word, like pier and peer.

Alas, homophobia was manufactured by militant queers to equate the natural distaste normal people feel for queers…


.‘Walks Like A Wummin And He Werrs A Bra!’

…with the real phobias mentioned above.

Then we had “Islamophobia,’ a cunning sectarian invention used to suppress criticism of any aspect of one religion.

It’s a very bad word, invoked to chip away at freedom of expressiion


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And now, thanks to Jellyfish Johnson last night, one of the few enjoyable parts of his awful performance in the Commons, we learn of a new phobia.



Bojo took a verbal swing at the pudgy clown who leads the SNP, suggesting he ate too much cake.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons. Picture: House of Commons/PA Wire

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford

. …


What a fuss!

A hitherto unheard of ‘charity’ called Beat…



…concerned with ‘eating disorders,’ has a director of external affairs, named Tom Quinn, who said:

It is completely unacceptable that the prime minister should resort to making fatphobic comments.




There is a Greek word for fat…


…which they could have used to invent their new phobia, but whichever tubba-lard came up with ‘fatphobic’ was clearly too much of a sluggish slob…



…to reach for a book and find it.


I was skinny at school, but at uni I enjoyed many a beer and got fat.
My pals would make reference to my girth and, as everyone did in those, days, I took jokes and jibes in good part.
Nowadays, people, even fat people, are far too thin-skinned!