Sackur V Professor Stock? A Revelation!

Hard Talk again, and BBC’s Sackur threw everything but the kitchen sink at Professor Stock, no doubt cheered on by all the oddities who work for the BBC.

You’ll recall she is a professor, persecuted by fanatical deviants!.

Kathleen Stock on Rebel Wisdom.jpg

Kathleen Stock

Hirsi Ali? Professor Stock’s In Good Company! 

What was most bizarre, though, was his claim that those opposed her were a ‘huge community!’

Trannies are a tiny minority.

Even if one includes both those men who genuinely suffer from the delusion that they believe they are ‘women…’



…and the lying predators who simply want to gate-crash women’s changing rooms and toilets, for voyeuristic purposes or molestation.

And even if we add on the thousands of pro-freak BBCand Guardian hacks, and similar sympathisers in politics…

A Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle? 

..and government, still, pro-normality people undoubtedly vastly outnumber the combined total of freaks and fellow-travwllers.

Sackur went on to say there is ‘not the evidence’ that letting fake ‘women’ into such facilities puts real women at risk.

His guest refuted that easily, as could anyone who had read about ‘Michelle!’


Miguel Martinez, who also uses the name Michelle, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old inside a bathroom.


As she did with just about everything else he adduced as relevant ‘research!’

It sounded like he had been very selective in his sources.

One bit of info he did come out with, however, took me by surpise. It seems the persecuted prof is a lesbian!

And I thought her media photos merely reflected her unhappy situation.

But not only is she lesbian, but in the past was married and had children, a normal life….


Wacana New Normal Masih Terpusat di Pemerintah | Universitas Gadjah Mada


…a kind of reverse mirror image of NYC ex-mayor Blasio’s wife, whose perfectly normal, happy marriage (with kids) was preceded by a spell as a lesbian!

Cured Lesbian’s Big Apple Extravagance Exposed! 

In other words, proof positive that being queer is not some inborn ineradicable aspect of life, but a life-style choice.

Queers CAN opt for normality.

And people who want or need help…

Bojo’s Therapy Ban – Brits, Please Speak Up! 

…should not be denied help, for themselves or their children.