Total Sell-Out! Clanchy Crawls To Pinko Creeps!

Kate Clanchy hardly qualifies as one of us, not part of the anti-woke Resistance, eager to war down pinko creeps and ‘pronoun’ pukes…



…but as she was a victim of the woke-weasels who run the large PanMacmillan publishing empire, I would have rejoiced that she had found a new publisher.

Alas, it turns out she’s grovelled to the uptight leftists who went after her for daring to write in language normal people speak.

It’s not even any kind of ‘rightwing’ book, simply some stories about her experiences after thirty years as a teacher in state schools.’

But Ms Clanchy, according to some whiner in the Guardian last year, used ‘racial tropes such as “chocolate-coloured skin” and “almond-shaped eyes…”.

OMG, back to that ‘tropes’ tripe!

Another Word Hi-Jacked! Update=Censor! 


As I wrote previously…

When the public were allowed to use public transport here in Jakarta, I would often find myself sitting opposite somebody with almond-shaped eyes


Eyeshadow Tips for Almond Eyes

If set in a pretty face, not at all a dire experience.

So we discussed ‘almond eyes’ ages ago – and what’s wrong with ‘chocolate-coloured’ to describe a dark person’s skin?

Then the Guardian gargoyle got into woko-loco lingo, the idiotic word ‘ableist…

(Is there a clandestine bunker somewhere, in which uptights toil to produce silly woke-words?)

Disableist fanatics got their knickers in a twist at Clanchy’s description of two autistic children as “unselfconsciously odd” and “jarring company…

Many autistic people do behave in ways other people find odd.

Remember that Bruce Willis film when he rescues the autistic boy from a murderous spy-master (played by Alec Baldwin!)

The kid was the good guy, along with BW, but nobody could deny he enacted ‘jarring’ scenes.

Anyway, Clanchy has now got a new publisher…

Concerns were also raised over the description of two autistic students as ‘jarring company’ – but the new book does not contain any of these phrases. Another publisher has also now approached her to publish her poetry. 

…who presumably has no more commitment to non-censorship than Picador, the effete sub-section of PanMacmillan.

Shame on Clancy!