Freedom Fans? Beware Of GoFundMe!

Late Extra!


Thanks largely to Florida’s Governor threatening to open a formal investigation of GoFundMe’s sharp practices – i.e. using other people’s money to give to ‘charities’ not necessarily ( or indeed probably) in tune with the donors’ wishes –  GFM has changed its arrogant tune!  Please read these glad tidings!

Then read what my original post said, because most of it is still highly relevant!


Anybody who used that GoFundMe outfit to donate to the Freedom Convoy, which has exposed Pretty Boy Turdo as a yellow-belly cur…


Turdo, Canada’s Very Own ‘Inglorious Bastard!’ 

…has until February 19th to seek the return of their money.

It’s worth reading the bizarre reasoning offered by GFM for their equally bizarre behaviour…

…but I would simply advise everyone NOT to use them.

Thwart GoFundMe Leftists – Support Israel Folau

I certainly wouldn’t, based on their past begaviour .

Better try a more dependable alternative.

The organizers have now set up an alternate donation site on GiveSendGo, which they say will ensure the money gets to the protesters. The donation site had raised over $175,000 in just a few hours after its creation..