Canada’s Tory Toadies Turn On O’Toole!

It was clear from early on that the ‘Conservative Party of Canada’ had dumped one ineffectual leader only to replace him with a witch-hunting trimmer.

Petition – Stop Fake-Tory Witch-Hunt Against A Real Canadian Conservative!

Now, having purged the party of its truest conservative MP, the Tory caucus, by 73-45, has in turn kicked out awful Erin O’Toole.

His wishy-washy weaselling has finally led to his removal by his own comrades in Ottawa.


He’s a ratbag!

But Is there any way back for that party?

Frankly, we should hope not.

Better by far for real conservatives to join the only real conservative party in the country…



All the other parties are dedicated to the liberalism which is ruining the lovely, free country some of us can still remember.

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier offers a choice, not an echo

.. as I suggested last year!