Canada’s Turdo – In Bed With Sauron?

My rather imaginative headline admittedly paints a rather repellent picture…



…but it’s accurate, for the proof is out there, or rather down there, via the link below.

But first some extracts..

Documents were located and found suddenly, in advance of a negative finding against the government by the federal info commissioner.



A shocking attempt by Justin Turdo’s minions at cover-up, busted by the courageous persistence of a handful of honest Canadian journalists – a rare breed these days…



…as so many hacks, especially in Canada’s equivalent of UK Pravda…


Why? Evil Embraced Yet Again By The CBC

…both notorious far-left distortions of the truth…

One thing is certain!

The CBC serve not their readers, much less their country, but a subversive ideology!

Though it was sold as non-binding by the Liberal government when they adopted the United Nations program, the exclusive emails note the “implementation phase” of the Global Compact for Migration….

Ah yes!

A dirty deal, devious in its purpose…

Turdo/UN Collaboration To Suppress Anti-Pact Reporting? 

…as we have often discussed – along with other honest media.

True North reporting swayed media narrative on UNmigration compact: study

And the Turdo/Soros collusion has brain-wash high on its agenda! 

Objectives of the Soros partnership include a marketing campaign to “Improve the narrative about refugees and other newcomers.”

And there’s pretty pictures too!

The emails included images of former minister John McCallum with Soros and bragged about the success of the program:

Please note, dear Canadian reader!

A briefing note concluded that the Open Society Foundations partnership had been “entrenched” in the department.

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We know what Soros is all about…

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….and we know too that Pretty Boy in Ottawa….

  • ===========================..


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….is a moral quagmire in so many ways.

Now their sinister alliance is open for inspection….