“China Won’t Respect His Human Rights…”.

The quote, from the Finnish coach at the CollabOlympics, appalled at the condition of one of his sportsmen, comes from a truly horrific report…


.. but I shortened it to fit better in my headline space.

What the Finn said, more completely, was this-

 “China, for some reason, won’t respect his human rights... “

‘For Some Reason!?!’

Is the coach  really so unaware of the nature of the regime running the show in Red China?

Its inspiration is a mass-murdering monster…



…and its essence is state coercion.



No need to be grasping for ‘some reason,’ when oppression is the everyday experience of everyone in Red China who’s not a CCP collabo.

PS –  including young women tennis players, as shown by that shocking ‘interview’ on the news today.