Westminster Weevils, Gnawing At Democracy!

Commons standards watchdog is seeking to require MPs to promote ‘anti-racism, inclusion and diversity’ in changes to the code of conduct



Since there’s no capital punishment, these subversive rats should be impeached!

Forcing MPs to promote wokery is surely a direct violation of the celebrated ‘parliamentary privilege…’


Westminster, run by woke-weasels!

….which lets elected representatives speak their minds on issues that matter to them or to their electorate.

I could digress and ask why there’s no matching call for MPs to promote ‘anti-marxism…’

…plainly a much more legitimate cause than ‘anti-racism…’



….’racism’ being a mere catch-phrase that can be used to bully anyone who takes an honourable stand against the pernicious ideology called multiculturalism.


But the headline is what got me!

‘Boris Johnson to block diversity rule in MPs’ code of conduct’


This from Jellyfish…


….who has long surrounded himself with wokers, gaystapo fans…

A Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle? 

…a sinister cabal fending off any contact with traditional conservatives felt likely to remind the PM of the millions of Brits who favour decency over decadence!

This from Jellyfish, who affronted every real conservative in the land?

From Jellyfish, who lavished vast sums on that damfool ‘commission’ established to appease the marxist BLM?


If I imagined for a nano-second that Bojo’s seen the light, I’d sing and dance!

Instead, it’s another Meldrew moment.

I Don’t Believe It!