Evil Adams – BBC’s Blood-Beast Black-Out!

MP accuses BBC of creating a ‘news blackout’ by failing to report it is being sued by Gerry Adams for defamation… 

There is no doubt that Blood-Beast Adams is an evil man with no conscience about what Sinn Fein/IRA has done over the years.


But let’s not ignore the sins of the UK tax-funded propaganda gang.



… whose reluctance to provide all the millions of Brits coerced into paying that license tax with important information about the disloyals in Ulster..

Dirty BBC? Lazy BBC? Disloyal BBC? UK Pravda Hides Truth About Sean Napier! 

…has been noticed previously.



Even media in Eire have been more up-front than UK Pravda!

Irish papers first reported the case in February 2020, and covered the pre-trial hearing in December, in which the BBC sought materials from Mr Adams which it claims are relevant to its defence.


No wonder representatives of Ulster’s loyal citizens are indignant at the possibility of a dirty deal!

It would be shameful if they were to settle the case and licence-fee money were to exchange hands to Gerry Adams.’

So what can we do about this BBC cover-up?

The news report tells us that BBC has also received complaints from a member of the public over its lack of coverage of proceedings.