Zouma? Boot The Filthy Savage Out!


PREMIER League ace Kurt Zouma could be prosecuted after being filmed booting his cat like a football across his kitchen floor.

What a piece of sh&t!

Oh, and he’salso seen slapping his pet’s face.’

<img cl,West Ham has condemned Kurt Zouma's actions


My fury knew no bounds, when I read how that ‘sportsman’ Zouma maltreated his cat.

To do so because of a lapse into bad temper would be perhaps explicable, if never excusable.

But now, having just heard on the news that he was merrily joking during his brutal onslaught against a household pet…



…and that his repulsive antics took place in the presence of a child?

How dare that Scot who runs West Ham insist the scumbag will play as if nothing had happened?

Tell West Ham To Lose The Louse!


Why is Zouma not being deported?