A Major Embarrassment!

Former Tory PM fiercely attacks Johnson and issues barely veiled challenge to MPs to remove him

And once more, my contempt for Jellyfish Johnson….

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…has to be out on hold until the arrant hypocrisy of his detractors is dealt with.

Major really showed HIS true colours, evidently understanding how many Brits will remember his miserable failure to tackle the issue of unwanted immigration when he was Prime Minister for seven dreary years.

So now he’s openly championing the crimmigrant cause – even whining that the current Tory governnent’s feeble proposals’to ‘criminalise refugees and asylum seekers...’

I’m quoting the Guardian report, if course!

…was “punishment without compassion.”

How many fake ‘refugees’ got in between 1990 and 1997?

How many of the undesirable aliens who got in when HE was PM committed crimes against innocent Brits?..


Who knows?

Where’s Major’s compassion for the victims?

God knows!

The Has-Been also had a rant about how democracy ‘could only be maintained through public trust and governments upholding common values.’

Major once made it clear he shared the common values of Brits who expected discipline in schools…



…even voting to maintain corporal punishment, but then cast aside the values he’d thus endorsed…



…when the leftist clowns of the ECHR told him to.

“When ministers respond to legitimate questions with pre-prepared soundbites, or half-truths, or misdirection, or wild exaggeration, then respect for government and politics dies a little more.

“Misleading replies to questions invite disillusion…



This from the man who told the House of Commons that the ‘very idea’ of talks…



…with Sinn Fein’s Blood-Beast Adams, would make his ‘stomach churn….’


Look At Major’s Record! 

…while his posh flunkey, the oleaginous Patrick Mayhew, was up to his neck in exactly such talks?