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    Did This Uppity QC Never Watch TV?

    Oh, when will these woke uppities wake up to the fact that they live in realm with a history and heritage that goes back centuries?


    The arrogant notion that any aspect of that heritage must change to suit an uptight minority…

    …is one of the most offensive aspects of wokery…



    …although it’s been around since before the fake-word ‘woke’ superseded multiculturalism as the cultural marxist war-cry of choice.

    Get a load of this rich twerp!

    One of Britain’s most high-profile black QCs has called for wigs to be scrapped from court for being culturally insensitive, after a colleague with an afro hairstyle was told he must wear one or face disciplinary action.

    One might play with words and suggest Leslie Thomas QC should be laughed out of court, but this geezer is serious.

    Yet I suspect he was born and grew up in the UK, so from childhood…


    Michael Denison in Boyd Q.C. (1956)

    …he must have been well aware from tv dramas and news stories that judges, and QCs, wear wigs.

    Despite that, Leslie chose to become a lawyer, only now yelping that wigs ‘were “fashioned for caucasian hair” and look “ridiculous” on black advocates.



    Michael Etienne, a junior barrister, was told he could be in contempt of court if he did not wear a wig before a judge
    Michael Etienne

    Ole Leslie would be better to tell the other whiner in the report, Michael Etienne, a black barrister who has an afro, to fork out a few quid…



    …and get a hair-cut!

    Or just fork off!

    Poor whiney Etienne has gone crying to the Bar Council after he was warned that he risked being in contempt if he did not wear his wig in court.

    Yes, Etienne might well look ridiculous in a wig.

    Many of us think most judges, of any colour, look ridiculous in their wigs, like this one…

    Pictured: Judge Silas James Reid

    In September 2018 a thug who battered a woman with a bicycle lock leaving her with permanent facial scarring was spared jail and ordered to pay her just £115 in compensation.  ….Judge Silas Reid sentenced Ornelas to five months imprisonment – suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £115 in compensation to Ms Nottage


    Or this one!

    Enemy Of The People! Treat Ouseley As Leper! 

    Ouseley the Ass


    ….and some judges deserve ridicule…

    Pro-Freak English Judge Rules -Truth Is ‘Offensive, Exclusionary!’ 

    ..with or without wigs.

    Any who wore a wig outside court would no doubt attract some ridicule!

    But it’s part of the job and like many traditional requirenents is inoffensive – except to wallies with big fat BLM chips on their shoulders.

    Why can’t these querulous klutzes just try to fit in?

    Aaah, but Etienne’s no ordinary junior barrister!

    It seems he ‘specialises in public and human rights cases!’

    So he probably just can’t help belly-aching over trivia!

    PS I got my hair cut two days ago. After a month in an idyllic hamlet and a week in hotel quarantine, it had gotten too unruly.

    Hair-cuts are inexpensive and painless and what normal people get iftheir hair is getting to be a problem.







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