Doug Ford, Ontario’s Fake Tory, Goes To Court!!

We used to have, not perhaps high, but middling hopes for Doug Ford but we soon came to realise he was no better than he should be…

Ford’s Folly, Dodgy Dunick…Tarek Fateh’s Wise Warning! 

Another Sell-Out In Another Hall? What ARE Ontario Tory Principles? 

…and while he did a little bit of good, for example the opt-out on ‘sex education,’ sadly now we know for sure.



. An Ontario court has stopped protesters from accessing online donations.

The truckers have raised over $8m (C$10m £5.9m) through online platform GiveSendGo, after being kicked off GoFundMe for violating its policy on violence and harassment.

That little bit of BBC ‘info’ needs background…

Freedom Fans? Beware Of GoFundMe! 

…but let’s continue with their report.

A statement from Ontario Premier Doug Ford, whose office pursued the order, said it “binds any and all parties with possession or control over these donations..”

This is a shameful, shocking situation, elitists egged on by foreign media to hammer the truckers.

On BBC, Canada Lefty Steph Repeatedly Rants! 

In a free country, people should be free to support any cause they wish.