Congratulations, But No Condemnation?

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has passed on her congratulations to Queen Elizabeth on a “lifetime of service” on her platinum jubilee….

A lifetime?

Indeed, HM has had a long life of service to her people.

But how many of her people were denied a long lifetime, due to the cowardly terrorist gang, the ‘military wing’ of Sinn Fein/IRA?

. .

Gambar terkait….McDonald, basking in the Blood-Beast’s smiles  She understood that it was necessary, she told a documentary some years ago, to take up arms against the British state…

In Ulster, Another Disloyal Witch Falls Off Her Broomstick! 

It was of course not necessary.

It was a war on democracy, in contempt of self-determination..



Men, women and children slaughtered without mercy, years of indiscriminate murder…



… of humble folk and those on high, including the Queen’s own kinsman, Lord Mountbatten.

And now that bitch offers ‘congratulations?’

Yet no condemnation of the crimes committed by the IRA, not a few of whose criminals have since taken their seats as Sinn Fein members at Stormont?

HM is bound by her duty to maintain a certain reserve.

But if I were her?

I’d say..