‘Exclusive?’ Guardian’s Treat From Red Nazi Hackers?

Exclusive: leak shows more than half of donations to convoy protest through GiveSendGo came from US

  • Ain’t it funny how that leftist newspaper gets an ‘exclusive’ by way of the so-called ‘Anonymous’  -aka Red Nazi Antifa – perpetrators of criminal activity, but makes no use of its vaunted ‘investigative’ journalism skills to identify the leftist lice behind the crime?

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A hacker who leaked the names and locations of more than 90,000 people who donated money to the Canadian trucker convoy protest has said it exposed how money from abroad had funded “extremism” in the country.

Nor of course do we find any mention of the hypocrisy of the Red Nazis, who bleat about good people showing solidarity with patriotic conservatives making fairly small donations…

In an exclusive interview, the hacker told the Guardian that Canada was “not safe from foreign political manipulation”. “You see a huge amount of money that isn’t even coming from Canada – that’s plain as day,” said the hacker, who belongs to the hacktivist group Anonymous.

…while no a whisper of concern over the plutocrat Soros…



…who lavishes almost unimaginable fortunes…..

Canada, Foreign Money, Meddling! 

…on leftist ‘NGO’ activity in Canada and other countries around the world.

And listen to the rabid rant from the Red Nazi, issuing foul-mouthed menaces….

When asked what the leak meant to the public, the hacker said: “If you are doing some fascism and domestic extremism kinds of movements … [then] you are not going to have a good time, because hacktivists have been focusing more and more and more on countering domestic extremism, because we are fucking pissed.”

A threat, which the Guardian is perfectly content to relay.

Time for decent people, in Canada and around the world…



…to fight back!