Canadian Leftist Prof Wants A New Flag?

Yes, still writing about Canada….

…but I’m not the only one who’s been hitting the key-boards.

A typical left-liberal academic, this woman, Heather Nichol, of Trent University…


side view head shot out of doors, smiling, wearing sunglasses

Professor (School for the Environment)
B.A. (Toronto), MES (York), PhD (Queens)

Office: Kerr House suite 103.6, Traill College
Telephone: (705) 748-1011 ext 6024


…whose peculiar prejudice is at its most glaring when she brands the symbols adorning the Freedom Convoy as a manifestation of ‘toxic nationalism…’

Toxic nationalism?

Freedom Convoy fans around the world have cheered them on and the movement has been insulted and bullied because foreign friends have given donations…

Canada, Foreign Money, Meddling! 

So, as to the professor’s ‘toxic nationalism’  smear?

Better read principled patriotism.

And doesn’t she have a shaky grasp of modern Canadian history?

She has the nerve to talk about an era she is way too young to remember…


….as if she had been there!


 ..the flag Canada first raised in 1965 was a symbol used to unite Canadians as a shared nation — an exciting new symbol that Canadians were proud of.

Lester Pearson’s drive to force through his flag project tore the Dominion apart.

He refused to hold a referendum because he feared he’d lose.

Countless hearts broke when the new flag was raised, including that of Opposition leader John Diefenbaker…



Dief the Chief!


….who turned away in sadness on that chilly day.

But 65 years have passed, and to most Canadians, the Red Ensign is a more a matter of historical interest.

Yet because this pinko prof is vexed by the Freedom Convoy, because she dislikes their challenge to her narrow ideology…

(read it all and note her leftist Trumpophobic yelping!)

….now she wants ANOTHER flag debate?

Read on!

Perhaps what will come of this moment in Canadian history is a new set of symbols, arguably not perfect and not uncontested, but reflective of our times.

Gimme a break!