Gu Makes Me Spew – Born In The USA But…?

What kind of scumbag would opt to represent a genocidal despotism, rather than the land she was born and brought up in?

I’m glad Nikki Haley spoke up on this…


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….as I have been distracted by other issues….

….and hadn’t got round to publishing what I wrote last week.

So now…

If Ghastly Gu wanted to represent China, why not choose Free China…

…rather than Adolf Xi’s regime, that still exalts the Mass-Murder Monster Mao?


But frankly, if her ethnic origins are more important to Gu than her native land, that she has lived in all or most of her life…

At a news conference after her win on Tuesday, reporters asked Gu several times if she was still a US citizen. She dodged answering each time, saying only that she felt American in the US and Chinese in China.

;;;tell her she’s welcome to stay in Red China!

What a weasel!