Meet Doug Ford – Pretty Boy’s Hand-Maiden!.

So much about Canada this week! It seems like I’ve written more about the Dominion in the past few days…

….than I have in the past few years!

But it’s an on-going, multi-faceted situation…

  • Premiers of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan spoke out opposing Trudeau’s extraordinary plan
  • The officials, who are the Canadian equivalent of state governors, called the plan a dangerous overreach 
  • Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, invoked the country’s Emergencies Act on Monday afternoon


  • .

  • Meanwhile, my numerous kin in Ontario…..


  • …may be asking…why hasn’t THEIR provincial premier, Doug Ford, added HIS protest against Turdo’s dictatorial power-grab.

  • The BBC says only that
  • Ontario Premier Doug Ford, a Conservative, said he supported the federal government.
  • Time to look back at Ford’s record again.