Sarah Palin Jury Disregarded? Weird Law!

Sarah Palin was a true star in the election that saw Obummer elected.

We have talked about her telling blow, that irrefutable assertion, how he had been ‘palling around with terrorists,’ and Obama never forgave her.

BBC Exalts Obama’s Palinophobia – And Terror ‘Truth Decay!’ 

Ever since the media have bern gunning for her.

Currently, she’s brought a law-suit against the New York Times, a part of the rotten media

….which I never weary of loathing.

You can read about the Sarah Palin v NYT defamation case here…

… but don’t hold your breath waiting for the jury to deliver their verdict.




Juries can get things very wrong…

UK’s Selfish Stinkos Acquitted – Another Anti-Justice Jury! 

…yet it seems only reasonable to wait for them to reach a conclusion before disregarding it.