Scots! Dinna Fling Yer Bawbees Doon Deviant Drain!

My apologies, first, for my effort to put a headline into ‘Broad Scots,’ which is how many Scottish people render the English language.


See the source image


Though ‘bawbees’ – halfpennies – are not much in use these days!

But the reference is to a shocking aspect of the separatist SNP leader…



…Nicola Sturgeon, whose ‘close ally urged LGBT groups to lobby politicians over gender reforms…’

That may not surprise many informed Scots, given how keen her party notables are on the gaystapo agenda…

SNP Commons Cabal – Foul-Mouths AND Foul Minds 

Mhairi Black MP

The lesbian Scottish National Party MP Mhairi Black revealed she has been challenged over her gender when using female toilets.   

And read this, too!

Campaigning MPs like Black, as well as teachers like those at Glencoats Primary, appear to see the role of school not as educational but political….rather than having an argument about the rights and wrongs of the gender debate with adults who might dare to disagree with them, campaigners opt to persuade children who can’t answer back… 



…one prominent lesbian MP even stooping to facilitate indoctrination of tiny kids in a public school.

But what is most appalling is the way the author of the report is concerned about apparently complicity….

…between one or more politicians and groups promoting the so-called ‘gay’ agenda but  seems almost to regard it as nothing extraordinary…



…that Scots tax-payers are – legally – gouged by pervert pressure groups.

But  read the whole story, and imagine how Scotland’s Patron Saint Andrew…


…would weep at how low the country has sunk.

One of Nicola Sturgeon’s closest allies privately urged taxpayer-funded LGBT campaigners to lobby Scottish politicians to support the SNP’s gender reforms, records show.

Pink Snouts, deep in the tax-trough


Documents released under Freedom of Information laws also confirm a close working relationship between the SNP Government and the LGBT lobby groups it largely funds, which were proactively invited for audiences with ministers.

Nicola Sturgeon’s close ally urged LGBT groups to lobby politicians over gender reforms

Shona Robison, the minister tasked with pushing through controversial changes that would make the process of legally changing gender far easier, told the Scottish Trans Alliance in December that it would be “helpful” if the body attempted to “raise understanding” of the need for reform among MSPs.

Critics raised fears that ministers were inappropriately encouraging supportive lobbyists to “amplify” the Government’s position and “delegitimise” opponents, ahead of the highly contentious legislation being laid at Holyrood.. .

The Edinburgh-based policy analysis group MurrayBlackburnMackenzie (MBM) said the revelations offered more evidence that the SNP Government were accepting the views of pro-trans lobbyists “at face value” while refusing to engage with legitimate criticisms of its plans.’

Is this the land…

…that Braveheart fought and died for?