So YMCA Endorses Racist BLM?

When I was a kid in a small town we had a YMCA building…


YMCA Logo (Courtesy YMCA of Austin)

…and I was told what the letters stood for when I asked.

Now it seems that YMCA stands for cowardly victimisation, at least in the American city of Duluth.

Some show-off child turned up for a ‘swim meet’ and donned a swim-suit adorned with the logo of the racist BLM movement.

She was ruled out by an official, perfectly reasonably, since there’s a rule that outlaws political slogans.

Unrestrained  – quite the contrary! – by her mother, the wilful child started acting up, then –  lo and behold, enter a representative from the local branch of the NAACP.

Summoned by the mother!

The NAACP is a venerable black organisation which, as I have noted previously, has yet to rename itself in accordance with BBC diktats…

Colourful Language And Clarke’s Resignation! 

Gambar terkait

Once upon a time, it had an impeccably moderate reputation, but not so long ago…

Let Them Die!’ Pro-Brain-Wash Hate-Bitch Steps Down 

…their good name was somewhat besmirched by far-left shrilling.

The NAACP man, called Dudley, . drove to Superior High School to assist with the situation at hand…


Within ten-minutes of Dudley’s arrival at the swim meet, Lyons’s disqualification was overruled by the Duluth Family YMCA vice-president, and Lyons was allowed to continue competing. 

But of course!

And the YMCA cowered, let the politicised swimmer do as she wanted…


…but would they have given a green light to a White Lives Matter logo? …

And worse!


The official who made the initial disqualification was removed from officiating duties, and will be blocked from future Duluth Family YMCA meets.

12-Year-Old Swimmer Nearly Disqualified for Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Suit