‘Steve Baker Watch?’ More Guardian Collabo Cop-Out!

The Guardian must lack any grasp of responsible reporting…

Official portrait of Mr Steve Baker MP crop 2.jpg

Steve Baker MP (Wycombe)

… judging from its absurd piece about the self-styled ‘Steve Baker Watch’ cabal… ‘


….such a gallant band of pinko panickers that they declined to give even one of their names to the slack hackette, Helena Horton, who wrote the report.

Or didn’t she bother to ask?


Helena Horton

Helena Horton – she has a blog in which much attention is paid to the sexually maladjusted


Mr. Baker is one of the few Tory MPs ( one of the few MPs!) who can talk sense, on the Fourth Reich, and it seems, on The Warming!



These pinko pukes are therefore angry with him, which is their right –  but not angry enough to unmask their fanatic faces?

Or am I wrong?

Does the Guardian nymph know their identities but chooses to collaborate…



…in a weird and inexplicable cover-up?



Are the cabal, as Mr. Baker suggests, all local Labour and Lib Dem activists?

No investigative journalism on this Guardian girl’s part!

Many media leftists did the same thing with the Dirty Donkeys…


Dirty Donkeys Are Now Exposed Asses! 

….and are still doing so with their fellow-lefty ‘Banksy.’


Tell Comrade Horton to tell the cabal…

…and put up or shut up!

Here’s what the Guardian does choose to reveal about the cowering climate klutzes.
Constituents of Steve Baker MP who are concerned about his environmental position have set up a “Steve Baker Watch” group and are launching a crowdfunding page to raise money. The constituents in Baker’s constituency of Wycombe in the rolling Chiltern Hills believe that Baker is trying to “wreck the government plans to improve the environment”.