Usually, BBC Has LOTS Of Exciting BLM News!

Some of us might think the BBC pays altogether too much attention to BLM extremists.

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But today, when one of their favoured contacts makes headlines elsewhere….

BLM activist charged in murder attempt of Jewish mayoral candidate

…I tuned in to the BBC World Service….



….but no mention of Mr. Quintez Brown’s legal difficulties?

I have to thank the excellent Guido Fawkes blog for alerting my UK readers to this…


May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'BBC Quintez Brown COURIERJOURNAL JOURNAL BRIEP We have to stop celebrating BBC BLM TALKING HEAD CHARGED' .


…otherwise, had it been up to UK Pravda…



…I, like most of you not in the Kentucky area, would have heard zilch about this shocking story.